What is a self storage?

Self storage units are rented by both private and business clients for short and long-term storage needs. The smallest storage units are 1 m² and the largest units cover tens of square metres. Individually locked self storage units are located next to each other in a larger storage centre. You can store almost anything in a self storage unit, as long as it’s not illegal, harmful to health or inflammable.

Private customers often rent a storage unit for the duration of moving houses, work commission abroad, renovation, or as a continuation of the storage space they have at home. The size of self storage units is very well suited to storing homeware. For instance, the furniture and other belongings in a typical one bedroom flat can usually be stored in a storage unit of six square metres. Business clients often rent storage space for archiving purposes, as a interim storage or merchandise inventory.

Self storage operations are based on self service, which means you take your things in and out of the storage unit yourself. You can often drive directly into the storage hall or there is a covered loading dock. Many self storage businesses also provide different carts for helping them move their belongings to the storage unit. Some self storage companies also offer  help with deliveries and storing through their partners.